Buy IOTA by standing order

With omoku you can buy IOTA through recurring payments that are executed automatically. This is made possible by connecting the bank account directly to your IOTA address.

How does it work?

In a few steps you can set up a standing order.

  1. Make sure that your account is verified.
  2. Add a bank account and confirm it.
  3. Create a new connection. Select the desired bank account and enter your IOTA address.
  4. Set up a new standing order in your e-banking with the payment data displayed.

IOTA/Bank account connection After you have set everything up, IOTA will be automatically purchased for you at the current market price after receipt of payment and sent to the IOTA address you have provided. You can adjust the connection at any time.

Transfer cycles

Most banks offer different cycles. In many cases, a transfer can be automatically executed daily, weekly or monthly. Some banks also offer the input of variable amounts. Check with your bank if you are not sure. With a standing order on omoku, you are not entering into any further obligations and can cancel the recurring payment in your e-banking at any time. In addition, there are no additional fees compared to the manual purchase via SEPA transfer.

If desired, you can also set up recurring payments for multiple bank accounts. As long as your standing order is clearly assigned to a connection via the payment purpose, the purchase will work.


Even with a standing order, the monthly limits may not be exceeded. Should this happen, we will have to cancel your order. In addition, it is important to note that the transfer may only come from the bank account specified, otherwise we will have to reject the order. Apart from that, you are free in the amount and number of recurring transfers.

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