The One-Step IOTA Purchase Order with SEPA

Carrying out several steps to purchase IOTA is a thing of the past. With omoku, as a result of your SEPA transfer, the purchase is automatically executed at the current average market price.

Set up connection and make bank transfer

For the first purchase via SEPA Credit Transfer, following steps must be followed:

  1. Make sure that your account is verified
  2. Add a bank account and confirm it.
  3. Create a new connection. Select the desired bank account and enter your IOTA address.
  4. Visit your e-banking and make a bank transfer according to the details in the connection.

Direct purchase of IOTA via SEPA credit transfer Every further purchase can be initiated and executed via bank transfer - in one single step. The amount of the transfer can be chosen freely as long as your monthly limit is not exceeded. The MIOTA’s are paid directly to the IOTA address stored in your connection. The number of MIOTA’s to be received as well as the fees can also be calculated at any time before the SEPA credit transfer here.

View purchase order in your omoku account

The SEPA credit transfer takes 1-3 working days on average. The duration depends, among other things, on your own bank. The order will appear in your omoku account immediately after receipt of payment with all details and the current status of the order.

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