Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your omoku account

Two-factor authentication is a powerful method to protect your account from unauthorized access. Omoku only supports Authenticator Apps for this purpose.

Why via App and not via SMS Code?

The one-time passwords sent by SMS are no longer considered a secure method. For example, criminals can remove and replace the SIM card from a smartphone or use various tactics to buy a new SIM card with the victim’s number in a mobile phone shop. This can give them unauthorized access to the one-time password. For this reason, omoku relies exclusively on Authenticator apps. These generate a new key every 30 seconds.

Enable 2FA

In your omoku account you activate 2FA as follows

  1. First download an Authenticator App on your mobile phone, if you don’t have it installed on your device yet. There are many alternatives for all common mobile operating systems. The most popular are Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy.
  2. Follow the instructions on the page. Enter two consecutive codes and confirm your selection to activate 2FA. Activate 2FA

If you need help setting up 2FA, don’t hesitate to contact the support.

Disable 2FA

If you have enabled 2FA, but have lost or changed your device and no longer have access to your 2FA code, you can only reset 2FA using Omoku support. To do this, enter the email address of your account and send us a selfie. On the Selfie, you must have a note in your hand that says omoku 2FA reset and the current date.

If you still have access to your account, you can deactivate 2FA yourself:

  1. Open the settings in the manager and then open the setting 2FA.
  2. Click on the Disable button, then enter two consecutive 2FA codes from your authentication app and confirm your entry Afterwards 2FA is deactivated again.

Enable 2FA

Where is 2FA activated?

2FA is activated at the following locations:

  • Login
  • Create / change / cancel purchase order
  • Create / change / cancel sales order
  • Create / change connection
  • Deactivate 2FA
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