Create Wallet and generate receiving address

For security reasons, omoku only supports payouts to your own wallet. Therefore, each user is obliged to create his or her own Wallet and to create a receiving address in the Wallet for the payout of purchase orders.

When do I need a receiving address?

A separate receiving address is required in the following places:

  • To be added as part of a SEPA connection for the purchase of IOTA via bank transfer
  • For the payment of IOTA-Tokens with a purchase order by Sofortüberweisung
  • As receiving address for IOTA sales orders in case refunds are necessary

The receiving address can be adjusted by the user at any time until payout. To generate the receiving address, we recommend using either the Trinity Wallet or a Paper Wallet. Both options are described briefly below.

Trinity Wallet

Trinity is the official wallet of the ‘IOTA Foundation’. It is available as application for mobile and desktop. Setting up a new wallet and generating an own receiving address takes a few minutes.

  1. Trinity download
  2. Create a wallet (Instructions)
  3. Generate receive address (Instructions)

If you are stuck at a certain step, it is best to ask for help in the official IOTA Discord. Otherwise you can always contact our Support Team.

Pegasus Wallet

The Pegasus Wallet is a wallet that can be installed for Chrome as well as all Chromium-based browsers (e.g. Edge Chromium) as a browser extension. The Pegasus Wallet can be used to store IOTA Tokens securely. The installation and setup of the wallet is possible in less than 5 minutes. The Pegasus Wallet is very user-friendly and open source.

Pegasus is fully integrated with Omoku. IOTA Tokens can be purchased conveniently and securely from within the Pegasus Wallet. In addition the receiving address can be imported from the Pegasus Wallet with one click on Omoku.


Paper Wallet

The Paper Wallet is the fastest way to get your own Wallet and IOTA address. You can use this tool for this. A seed can be generated online together with an IOTA address. For security reasons we recommend to download the tool on Github. Note: Unlike the Trinity Wallet, the tool can generate a new receiving address at any time, even if value transactions on the tangle are not possible for whatever reason. If the IOTA tokens are not to be resent at short notice, the Paper Wallet is a recommended way to store IOTA tokens safely in the medium and long term.

The received address can then be entered on omoku. Trinity

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