Buying IOTA from the Wallet

The Pegasus Wallet

The Pegasus Wallet can be installed as browser extension in Google Chrome or in any Chromium based browser (e.g. MS Edge Chromium) or Mozilla Firefox. The Pegasus Wallet allows secure storage of IOTA tokens. As in the Trinity Wallet you can generate receiving addresses or send IOTA Tokens at any time. The installation and setup of the wallet is possible in less than 5 minutes. The Pegasus Wallet is very user friendly and open source.

Buy IOTA from within Pegasus

Pegasus now offers the possibility to buy IOTA from the wallet. For this purpose the wallet refers directly to our exchange. Through the integration with omoku, IOTA Tokens can be bought comfortably and safely. To do so click the “Receive” button after opening the Pegasus Wallet. In the “Buy” area you can select “Omoku”. The direct link to buy the IOTA Tokens on Omoku will open with a prefilled receive address. The receiving address is taken over from Pegasus and is therefore automatically a safe payout address. Of course a verified account on Omoku is still required for successful purchase.

IOTA purchase in Pegasus Wallet

Insert Pegasus address in Omoku

In addition, the receiving address in Omoku can be imported from the Pegasus Wallet with a single click. Wherever a receiving address can be entered on omoku we offer the import from the Pegasus Wallet. This concerns the following locations:

  • As receiving address in a SEPA connection for the purchase of IOTA via bank transfer
  • For payment of IOTA-Tokens with a purchase order by Sofortüberweisung
  • As receiving address for IOTA sales orders in case refunds are necessary If Pegasus is not yet installed in your browser we will link directly to the Chrome Web Store where you can download the Pegasus Wallet and find an introductory video. Please note that Pegasus currently only supports Google Chrome and all Chromium based browsers like MS Edge Chromium as well as Mozilla Firefox.


Security has always been the top priority when integrating Pegasus. Pegasus and Omoku have no common development objects or other dependencies that could be used by a hacker. Both systems run completely independent from each other, each service fulfilling its own purpose. Pegasus is a wallet for storing IOTA Tokens, Omoku is the broker for direct exchange of IOTA Tokens. We have also reviewed the code and work closely with the founder of Pegasus. The wallet has a minimalist design and is very secure. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability for the use of the wallet.

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